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How Do I Navigate the MJPC Website?

When you open the Mount Jefferson Presbyterian Church Web Page, www.mjpc.org, your browser will be at the Home page. From here, you can navigate to a variety of pages (links) filled with information and pictures about the Mount Jefferson Presbyterian Church pastor, members, activities, and so forth. Before starting, however, here are a few things to note regarding the Home page:

* The scrolling Web Crawler at the top right of the page contains important NEW information that is updated frequently. The crawler messages change continuously and can be read as they move across the page.

* Text located on any page that becomes highlighted when you mouse over it, is an active link and will automatically take you to that item.

* At any time you want to return Home, left-click the MJPC Mountain logo at the top of each page visited.

To navigate the menu selections shown in the header bar of the Home page:

* Place your cursor over the selected category; a drop down menu will appear.

* Left-click a sub-menu selection from the drop down menu and you will be taken to that page.

* On each sub-menu page, you will also note that the menu selections from the category are displayed on the left.

* Left click any of the other menu selections to navigate to that sub-menu, or choose ALL which will display the information for the category on a single page which you can read by scrolling down the page.

* To return Home from a sub-menu, select Home at the far right of the header bar, or left-click the MJPC Mountain logo at the top of the page.

To navigate any of the sub-menus:

* For many of the menus there are links to other web pages, or a information document (in a PDF format). Most web pages will open in another browser, but upon closing the link you will be returned to your starting point. Documents also open in a new window and can be read, or printed for your use. When closing the document, you will be returned to your starting point.

* The Contact Us button on the header bar opens a page for users to provide MJPC with questions, comments or information that you want us to receive or provide a response to; simply follow the instructions on the page and left-click Confirm your message to send it to us.

* If present, an e-mail [title] can be found on some of the sub-menu selections. Left click the e-mail address to communicate with the individual or committee indicated via your own e-mail server. If an e-mail page is not immediately opened, copy and paste the e-mail address to your e-mail server.

PLEASE NOTE: If at any time you encounter a page that does not properly open, or are directed to a site that appears broken or contains content not appropriate for the Mount Jefferson Presbyterian Church web site, open the Contact Us link and send a message to advise the Web Manager of your concern.

Enjoy browsing the MJPC Web Page.

Click "Download" to open/print a copy of these instructions.
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