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The Grace of Christ be with you!

Jesus was no firefighter. He did not come to put out the fire but to start it. Yet if Christ was not a firefighter, neither was he an arsonist. Christ did not come with evil intent to destroy our lives for his enjoyment. Instead, the fire Christ brings is the refiner’s fire. It burns away the chaff and reveals us for who we really are; a broken people in need of healing. How may Christ cause dissension in families?

-The open proclamation of faith in Christ.

-Quitting one’s job to join group of followers.

-The denunciation of today’s religious leaders.

-Selling all one’s belongings and giving alms.

-Choosing one’s path in life despite family objections.

-Discussing forbidden family topics.

-Reconnecting with “black sheep” of the family.

-Remain calm and control responses to family anger.

Except for the first item in this list, these first four causes of division in families were based on the end of the world. Christ called on his listeners to heed the signs of the times, have faith in him & prepare for the end of the world and God’s final judgment. There was no time for healing and reconciliation with others. Yet, since Christ’s return is no longer imminent, the final four items on the list obtain. The dissension now caused by faith in Christ leads to actions that reveal the brokenness of families but also offer the hope of reconciliation over time.

Blessings, Will

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