Sunday Fellowship August 4, 2019

Sunday Fellowship

August 4, 2019

* If you missed the Sunday, August 4, 2019 Fellowship Hour when the cookbook committee hosted and had everyone share recipes from Appetizers and Desserts in our new cookbook, YOU MISSED OUT! However, it isn't too late to enjoy recipes from the cookbook that were labeled with the recipe name and page in the book.

* The Cookbook Committee thanks everyone who made the Church Fellowship last Sunday such a success. All the contributions were so good, there was hardly anything left to clean up besides the serving dishes!

* Again, if you have a recipe to add or correct, please give a copy to anyone on the Cookbook Committee. We will be issuing an addendum that can be easily inserted into the current book.

* Thanks again, and stay tuned for the Fall Pot Luck that will feature a broader selection of recipes from Loaves and Fishes!

* Thank you.

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