Obids Presbyterian Church

The organizational meeting for Obids Presbyterian Church was held on December 3, 1904. Rev. M.C. Arrowood officiated and Rev. S.C. Smith was elected secretary. At this meeting the church was given its name.

Tent meetings were held next to the early structures. The white wooden church building was constructed in 1904 and stood until 1936. At that time the present structure was built with the help of Geraldine Gentry's father, Allen McNeill, and grandfather, R.S. McNeill.

Obids shared many of the West Jefferson Presbyterian Church ministers: C.G. Smith (1929), J.W. Luke (1929), W.C. Cooper (1940), R.H. Stone (1941), B.A. Meeks (1944), J.C. Crawford (1944), Jesse Baker (1944), and Russell Burns, student (1953).

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