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  Mount Jefferson Presbyterian Church : ...a welcoming and nurturing community led by Christ  Mount Jefferson Presbyterian Church : ...a welcoming and nurturing community led by Christ Committees:

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The Care Committee ministers to our members through:

- Visits to homebound members, to include providing Communion;

- We have DVD's of our Sunday services available for homebound members and others who wish to partake of this ministry;

- Our Prayer connection keeps everyone informed of prayer requests and other important information, by use of a prayer chain, e-mail and phone.

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Adult Sunday School Class

Are you looking for some challenging theological discussion? Then come join our Adult Sunday School Class!

- Who is invited? All adults age 18 and up.

- When? Every Sunday morning at 9:45 am.

- Where? In the Parlor right beside the Kitchen (If not there, check the Fellowship Hall; sometimes the crowd is so large we have to move!)

- What do we study? Once a study is completed, we vote for a new topic. Feel free to come join us now since each session begins with a new chapter and new ideas.

- How do we study? Our format is set up as a very relaxed roundtable discussion. We stimulate conversation with printed study guides and audiovisual materials. We each take turns leading the discussion, but you may gracefully bow out if you wish.

- What is it like? We love challenges, debates, laughs, and each other! Even when we struggle with a topic, we usually come away with an overall sense of accomplishment, much as if our lives have been enriched. We welcome everyone, even those who just like to sit back and listen! Please, come join us!

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Special Fellowship Outings

* We have several outings planned each year just for the fun of it!

* We've been to the Wohlfahrt Haus Dinner Theatre in Wytheville, VA (pictured), and the Barter Theatre in Abingdon, VA.

* Other activities:

- Visited historic churches in the area and gone shopping

- Been to fish frys

- Listened to bluegrass

- Been to ball games

- Hold suppers right here at the church.

* Join us on our next outing!!

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Weekly Fellowship Gathering

* At MJPC, we hold a fellowship time with refreshments every Sunday following worship, except as noted in the weekly bulletin.

* Our nursery is available during Sunday School and the Worship hour for children ages 0-5.

* We take the care of your child seriously; we have a child protection policy in place.

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About our Mission Program

The Mission Committee provides outreach through volunteer hours and financial support to many local and international missions. Giving is a strength that is not of man. It's a strength that can only be fueled by the power of love from God.

Check regularly under News & Events for more information.

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Local Outreach

Sharing Center

Ashe Outreach Ministry


Relay for Life

A Safe Home for Everyone

New Beginnings

Ashe County Free Medical Clinic

Ashe Services for the Aging

Christmas Child Project

Community in School

Character Recognition Blue Ridge School

Camp New Hope

Habitat for Humanity

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The Sharing Center Feeds the Hungry

Mission Committee Program

* With more than 30 years of service, the Sharing Center is an important part of our community.

* The Sharing Center has faithfully served our community by:

- 2011 they served 2,003 families (5,781 individuals)

- 2012 they served 4,300 families (13,212 individuals).

- Each $30 contributed to the Sharing Center buys 38 cans of veggies, 15 dozen eggs, 10 boxes of cereal, 10 boxes of hamburger meat and 30 cans of fruit. That is an incredible amount of food items for $30.

* The Sharing Center thanks you for helping them to take care of those in need in Ashe County.

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Worship : Volunteer lists are published when available... Top ▲


* MJPC children assist with the Sunday worship as acolytes, bringing the elements to the worship table at the start of services and retrieving same at the end of services.

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