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► Committee and Session Meetings

Committee and Session Meetings Listing of dates/times of Committee/Session meetings

Listing of dates/times of Committee/Session meetings

Elders: be sure to bookmark this posting and check back often to keep apprised of upcoming Committee and Session meetings. If available, information for Elders will also be posted in the Session Only page on the MJPC Website.

Click here to review the MJPC 2015 Budget (members only):

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2015 Committee Budgets (pdf 155.4 Kb)

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► Building and Grounds Committee

Building and Grounds Committee

Church buildings take lots of upkeep, and the Building and Grounds Committee works hard to keep the church in good repair, clean, and the grounds in good shape. It also oversees usage of the building by outside groups.

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2014 Building and Grounds (pdf 93.9 Kb)

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► Care Committee

Care Committee

So, then, as we have the opportunity, let us do well to everyone, and especially to those who are in the household of faith. Galatians 6:10

GOAL: Give the proper care and assistance to the members of our church (or other request) who need or desire care, due to circumstances that occur or have occurred.

Planning for 2013:

A. Ensure that our homebound, and those in care facilities are called on or visited on a monthly basis.

* Care elders will keep a current listing (with the aid of committee members) and share this listing with the church office and members as changes occur.

* This listing will be divided into equal groups and given to committee members (groups of 2), who will be responsible for keeping in touch (visit or by telephone) to make sure all needs or problems are handled in a timely manner, and communicated to the church office and Care elders.

* Suggest birthday cards be sent and other special occasions be acknowledged.

B. Communion will be served by committee members, to those who require or request this service.

C. When deaths or other care needs occur (weddings, sickness, etc.) in our church, the proper people must be notified prior to any provisions being made. The proper people include the minister (or Doris if Will is not available), and the Care elders. It is requested that Will be given the first opportunity to call the persons in need. When this has been done, then the Care Committee will do what they do best, e.g., CARING FOR THOSE WHO REQUEST ASSISTANCE.

D. Parish nurse: At this time, we have no plans for this position, unless someone comes forward who is qualified and volunteers for the job.

E. Continue the program for college students, plus add high school seniors to the listing.

F. Request for payment forms must be filled out in detail and given to your Care elders for reimbursement. Do not give forms to other elders.

G. IMPORTANT: Attend all committee meetings called for by the Care elders. If possible all meetings will be given a two-week advanced notice, and all efforts will be made to keep all meetings under 30 minutes, with the exception being the first meeting.


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2014 Care (pdf 277.6 Kb)

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► Discipleship Committee

Discipleship Committee

* In accordance with the Book of Order, the Committee shall provide for the "preservation of the truth" as professed in our Reformed tradition of faith.

* Recruit, train and equip leaders in the educational programs of the church. Plan a variety of learning opportunities for our members such that we may grow in our understanding and knowledge of God, and Discipleship in accordance with the Reformed Faith. Promote learning opportunities for our members both within and outside the congregation.

* The Christian Education Committee shall include at least two elders, in addtion to the hired Director of Children's Ministry.

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2014 Discipleship (pdf 266.1 Kb)

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► Fellowship and Hospitality Committee

Fellowship and Hospitality Committee

The Fellowship and Hospitality Committee plans get-togethers for the congregation like church suppers, or outings to see plays, visits to historic churches, browsing through interesting towns, or just eating out together and listening to some bluegrass. The Committee also looks for ways to help our visitors feel welcomed and at home at MJPC.

Fellowship/Hospitality Committee Responsibilities:

A. Arrange for New Member Classes, as needed.

B. Compile and maintain information gained from visitors sheets.

* Send cards to frequent visitors and give out directories of latest pictorial directory as long as they are available.

* Encourage everyone to come to Fellowship after church so they can meet people and learn more about our church.

* Answer any questions or find answers for questions they may have.

* Ensure that all greeters are present at all worship services or any other services needing greeters.

* Arrange for youth to do two cents a meal the last Sunday of the month.

C. Make sure nurseries for Sunday School and Worship are covered with two volunteers in each nursery.

D. Work with Worship Committee whenever needed for special services, such as Maundy Thursday. Work with other committees whenever needed.

E. Facilitate Fellowship after worship.

* Ask people to volunteer; if no one has volunteered then our committee has the fellowship.

* A small fund, for which a few people have elected to donate rather than do Fellowship, is available to buy cookies, drinks, etc.

* Ask people to keep it simple, such as drink, cookie and chips or nuts. We may, throughout the year, have Special Fellowships which are more elaborate.

F. Set up for all the dinners except the Birthday Dinner which is done by P.W.

* Responsible for decorating for Joy Gift dinner and for Santa for the children.

* Easter Breakfast also comes under our committee.

* Set up for Worship in the park.

* Generally, dinners are after worship; this helps the parents of small children.

* Plan and implement evangelism inside and outside the congregation.

* In charge of the booth for the Christmas in July representing our church. This is a fun event allowing for the opportunity to meet a lot of visitors. The booth is manned from 9:00 am until 6:00 p.m.

G. Arrange for Bible Study.

H. Plan outings: plays to Wytheville, Breakfast at Shatley Springs, trip to Crossnore, and other Fellowship outings.

I. Coordinate special Fellowship events for new employees, or whenever someone leaves.

J. Committee also presides over a decorating committee; do most of the decorating during Christmas, working closely with the Worship committee.

K. Serve as a liaison between Presbyterian Women and session, whenever necessary.

L. Update the Pictorial Directory.

Click here for a List of Members

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2014 Fellowship and Hospitality (pdf 131.5 Kb)

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► Finance and Stewardship Committee

Finance and Stewardship Committee

* In accordance with the Book of Order (G-10.0400) the Finance and

Administration Committee shall provide for the Financial Support of the Church; have oversight over the stewardship of time, talent, and treasure in our congregation; and provide a forma process by which the session may select and evaluate the professional staff.

* The Committee also has the important task of the annual Stewardship Campaign, which helps us to plan our budget efficiently every year.

* The Finance & Administration Committee shall include at least two elders.

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2014 Finance and Stewardship (pdf 196 Kb)

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► Mission Committee

Mission Committee

* In accordance with the Book of Order, the Committee shall lead the congregation in promoting "social righteousness and exhibition of the Kingdom of Heaven to the world" (G-1.0200).

* The Committee shall promote the work and love of our Lord Jesus Christ through service to the world and to support mission projects locally, nationally and internationally.

* The Mission Committee shall include at least two elders.

Link to Missions Committee

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2014 Mission (pdf 353.6 Kb)

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► Personnel and Administration Committee

Personnel and Administration Committee

Personnel Committee Responsibilities

Session Personnel Committee

Purpose: To provide for an orderly, focused and considerate means for the session to build a healthy work environment.

Membership: Three persons: one from the session, one of whom shall be appointed chair by the session, and three members from the congregation. The pastor serves as an ex-officio member.

All members are appointed by the session. The committee will be divided into classes which are determined by the session’s normal rotation process. No one may serve more than two consecutive terms.

Meetings: The committee shall meet at least quarterly and on the call of the chairperson and pastor.

The agenda for each meeting shall be set by the chairperson and reviewed with the pastor if needed. Meetings can take place without the pastor present as long as the pastor is notified and informed of the agenda if needed.

Relationships and Accountability: The committee is accountable to the session. It will present a written report to the session following each committee meeting.


Recommend to session position descriptions for all staff.

Participate in all hiring and firing personnel decisions of staff members

Review and recommend to session compensation packages for all staff.

Work with Pastor on staff evaluations to be presented to session annually

Recommend to session Personnel policies.

Encourage professional growth and development for all staff through the development of session approved work plans.

Provide for a review process for all staff to assist in compliance with work plans.

Recommend to session ways to manage risk liabilities related to staff work.

Implement a plan of equal employment opportunities, developed in consultation with the presbytery and approved by the session.

Act as a support group for the pastor and other members of the staff.

Serve as liaison between church staff, session, and the congregation

Confer with the pastor on any important issues of concern.

Record keeping of all staff

Initial Personnel Committee Tasks:

Review/compare and contrast MJPC existing Personnel Committee document to Presbytery "Guide Lines for Session Personnel Committees".

Review Presbytery Personnel documents "help stretch pastor's salary", "employee handbook -2010", "eval times - guide lines for evaluating church ministry", "six month pastor review doc.", and create/apply as appropriate for MJPC

Add/change/delete to defined Personnel responsibilities and Presbytery documents as appropriate and present to session for approval.

Upon approval from session regarding Personnel committee responsibilities and documents, add detail as much or as little as appropriate

Review and execute session approved responsibilities which include the review/compare and contrasting of all existing processes and documents

Add/change/delete and/or create necessary processes and documents for session approval

Define/reconfirm/implement recording keeping "jackets"

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2014 Personnel (pdf 303.5 Kb)

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► Worship Committee

Worship Committee

* In accordance with the Book of Order, the Committee shall provide for the 'proclamation of the gospel for the salvation of humankind and the maintenance of divine worship' (G-1.0200).

* The Committee shall plan, in conjunction with the pastor and music staff, regular and special worship services, and to provide worship services support.

* The Worship Committee shall include at least two elders.

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2014 Worship (pdf 231 Kb)

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