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► MJPC Manual of Administrative Operations

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Manual of Administrative Operations (pdf 27.2 Kb)

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► MJPC Policies

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MJPC Policies (pdf 76.5 Kb)

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► Book of Order, 2011-2013

Book of Order, 2011-2013 Resource Link to Obtain a PDF copy from PC (U.S.A.)

Resource Link to Obtain a PDF copy from PC (U.S.A.)

Follow the below link if you would like to obtain your own free PDF copy of the 2011-2013 Book of Order from the PC (U.S.A.) website.

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► Salem Presbytery

Salem Presbytery

Click on the below, downloadable file - Salem Presbytery - to open/access/read various information files (which are also linked so as to enable their retrieval on the Internet) from the Salem Presbytery to include:

- Presbytery Meetings Index of Information;

- Elder Commissioners for each church;

- Commissioner report form; and

- Voting at Presbytery meetings.

To open a link containing information about all 149 Churches and 2 New Church Developments in Salem Presbytery,

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Salem Presbytery (pdf 38.1 Kb)

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► What Does Salem Presbytery Do For The Local Congregation?

What Does Salem Presbytery Do For The Local Congregation?

Training Opportunities

• Training for Clerks of Session

• Officer Training

• Vacation Bible School preview

• “Acts 16:5 Initiative”

• Mission Conferences

• CLP (Commissioned Ruling Elder) Classes

• Special Spiritual/Educational events for Clergy/Educators

• Stewardship Education and Resourcing

• Healthy Boundary Training for Sexual Misconduct Prevention


• Monthly Neighborhood Newsletter

• Presbytery Web Site (

• EQUIP Support Team

• Hunger Action Advocate

• New Church Development/Church Transformation Committee

• Hispanic Ministry Coordinator

• International Mission Partnerships

-- Ghana, Brazil, Peru, Mexico, China

Direct Participation

• Campus Ministries

• Jr. High/Sr. High Youth Retreats

• Youth Triennium

• Presbytery Youth Council

• Outdoor Ministries (Camp Grier, Non site-based Camping)

• Annual Mission Trips to Mexico


• Community Mission Grant

• Local/International Hunger Grants

• New Church Development/Church Transformation Grants

• Hispanic Mission Grants


• Pastoral/Associate Pastoral/Co-Pastor/Educator Searches

• Dealing with Conflict

• Staff Available for retreats/Consultations

-- Long-Range Planning

-- Working together as Pastor-Session, Session-Congregation, Pastor-Congregation

-- Education ministry development/strategy

-- Financial work of the Congregation

• Help with Pulpit Supply

• Review your Sessional Minutes

• Answer question (program & support staff)

• Provide Links to General Assembly Resources

• Spiritual Retreat for Members (Presbyterian Pilgrimage)

• Spiritual Retreat for Youth (Arise)

• Prison Ministry for Members (Kairos)

• Presbyterian Foundation

• Synod Aging Ministry

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