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As a society we are often taught to judge the value of our work by its results. Results, however, are not always immediately evident. A gardener, for example, must be willing to wait for the seeds that she has planted to take root before she will begin to see the results of her work. Even then, she must be patient and not give up when the plant is small and immature. How, then, does the church evaluate its work in spreading the gospel?

  • The number of sermons preached?

  • The number of people “saved?”

  • The amount of money given?

  • The size of the church building?

  • The approval of the congregation?

  • Faith in Christ & service in his name?

In truth, while churches like to think linearly, God often works in ways where cause and effect are not always evident to us. Ultimately, we may look to the harvest as a sign of God’s blessing but that harvest may come in ways we don’t see directly or at a time and place we did not anticipate.

Blessings, Will

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CHRISTMAS IN JULY CONCERT! Join us at MJPC on Saturday, July 6th at 1pm for a free Christmas Concert during the West Jefferson Christmas in July Celebration. It will feature our own Cathy Wilson on organ, piano, & hammered dulcimer with friends. For more information check out the following link: Christmas in July Concert. Merry Christmas in July to all!

OUR MJPC OPEN HOUSE is in full swing! Come & see what God is doing at MJPC! For information on the many opportunities you have to put your time and talents to work in our church check out the following link: MJPC Time & Talent Opportunities. Come and find your place in our church! You can also view a short video on our MJPC Open House below (Click drop down arrow below in "A Variety of Scenes from Church" to locate the video or click HERE).

PICKIN' ON THE PORCH! Join us on the front porch of MJCP every summer Tuesday at 2pm for some mountain music. Bring your instrument to join in or simply come to listen & sing along! For more info, check out the following link: Pickin' on the Porch. See short video of the pickers HERE!

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