Mount Jefferson Presbyterian Church Website Survey April 13, 2018

Mount Jefferson Presbyterian Church Website Survey

April 13, 2018

* ATTENTION! This is a survey to assess the viewership of the Mount Jefferson Presbyterian Church family who visit our website in order to learn about news, events and the other information posted that is important to our congregation.

* Visitors to the site who respond to this survey, as noted below, will be eligible to receive a prize!!

* This posting will be available in the News and Events subdirectory for one week, beginning on April 13 and lasting until April 20, 2018.

* If you opened this post on our website and would like to be entered for a chance to win the survey prize, please click on the below link to send an e-mail that will have the subject “I visited the MJPC webpage” and a message “Please add me to the drawing.“

* After the survey period expires, all e-mails received that are dated during the required time frame will have the senders name included in a pool of eligible participants. One winner will be chosen to receive a “Thanks a Dozen” $15 gift card that can be redeemed for their next purchase at any Krispy Kreme donut store.

* The odds of being chosen will depend on the total number of e-mails received and while it is hoped that many persons in our MJPC family are keeping up with important news and events posted on our website, if only one (1) person responds, then that individual will be the winner!

* GOOD LUCK and thank you in advance for your interest in our Mount Jefferson Presbyterian Church website.

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