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<i>Scott Cronk</i> Class of 2017

Scott Cronk

Class of 2017

^top   Contact   Detail1 Elders ID: 1354031200 Posted: 11/27/12

<i>Jacob Gentry</i> Class of 2017

Jacob Gentry

Class of 2017

^top   Contact   Detail2 Elders ID: 1359577939 Posted: 01/30/13

<i>Linda Gouger</i> Class of 2018

Linda Gouger

Class of 2018

^top   Contact   Detail3 Elders ID: 1445264196 Posted: 10/19/15

<i>Anna Henson</i> Elder

Anna Henson


Class of 2018

^top   Contact   Detail4 Elders ID: 1487521345 Posted: 02/19/17

<i>Evans Leslie</i> <b>Clerk of Session</b>

Evans Leslie

Clerk of Session

^top   Contact   Detail5 Elders ID: 1353988154 Posted: 11/26/12

<i>Dick McPhatter</i> Class of 2018

Dick McPhatter

Class of 2018

^top   Contact   Detail6 Elders ID: 1445264265 Posted: 10/19/15

<i>Karen Powell</i> Class of 2019

Karen Powell

Class of 2019

^top   Contact   Detail7 Elders ID: 1353988272 Posted: 11/26/12

<i>Nancy Reeves</i> Class of 2019

Nancy Reeves

Class of 2019

^top   Contact   Detail8 Elders ID: 1353987873 Posted: 11/26/12

<i>Dick Workman</i> Class of 2017

Dick Workman

Class of 2017

^top   Contact   Detail9 Elders ID: 1353988333 Posted: 11/26/12

<i>Charles Young</i> Class of 2019

Charles Young

Class of 2019

^top   Contact   Detail10 Elders ID: 1353987843 Posted: 11/26/12